Project Pursuit Exploration Learning

Launching Your Passions

Propel is an interdisciplinary, project-based learning environment where students earn 3-4 credits while pursuing an individualized area of interest.  The program takes place for one semester at Nelson McIntyre Collegiate and incorporates the following credits: Transactional English 30S, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 30S, Physical Education 30S, and one other possible credit depending on the topic and depth of study.


Through the Propel Program, students will experience

  • Flexibility in work hours—there is no set schedule of classes as the work is interdisciplinary

  • Creative work spaces—we'll find spaces on and off campus along with professional project mentors to assist in the project

  • Individualized self-directed learning, developing time-management and project management skills along the way.

  • Connection to your peers through partnerships and collaborations with others.


Propel approaches learning through a 21st Century Lens; it provides a strong foundation in literacy and deeper learning while also preparing students to:

  • Think critically and pursue in-depth inquiry

  • Exercise choice while holding themselves accountable

  • Problem solve creatively

  • Build partnerships and collaborate with others

  • Gain meaningful employment and/or make connections in the professional world

  • Succeed in post-secondary education