Grace - Card Game


Grace developed a game named Actually..., a turn-based party game where you get to debate with your fellow players. “Claim Cards” set the topic to debate, and
”Complication Cards” add strategy, depth, and a healthy dose of passive-aggressive tension into the game. Actually... is made to be played with 5-9 players, preferably people you enjoy arguing with.  

The game is casual. It has two decks of cards, an easy to understand instruction manual, a voting chip per players, and a simple point system to determine a winner. Grace beta tested both sets of cards for effectiveness using various groups of peers, teachers, and family. The game concept will be fun to play casually but will turn highly strategic if the right people are playing. This responsive difficulty was a priority for Grace in the development of the game.

Grace crafted flow charts and colour systems to draft an instruction manual that is as informative, concise, and as easy to follow as possible. She was set on the manual having a casual voice to set an appropriate tone for the game. For the Actually... logo, Grace teamed up with Southerly, a fellow Propel student. Together they brainstormed ideas for a logo that Southerly then built. The box, instruction manual, and cards were all designed to coincide with the fun and casual spirit of the game. This game is Actually... very fun.