Jeremy and Malachi - Board Game Development

Board Game Splash.png

Jeremy and Malachi have developed the concept, mechanics, and original artwork for the board game "Summoners". Jeremy focused on game logistics and publishing, while Malachi focused on the art for the game.

In order to create a unique game, Jeremy studied many others, such as "Magic: The Gathering" and Chess. He then created a master list of characteristics he wanted to include in Summoners. The game has the players pick up creature cards and use a price system to play them onto the board. They will move their creatures up the board to battle the enemy’s creatures and eventually destroy the enemies “king piece” - his/her summoner.

Malachi used Adobe Photoshop and a graphics tablet to bring his unique fantasy characters to life. He created 32 character cards, map art, and box graphics.

The boys finished their semester by professionally publishing their game.