Adam M - Hip-Hop Music Production

Adam Manning.png

Adam used industry-standard music production software Logic Pro 10 to produce five unique instrumentals for an EP he released on Soundcloud in January. His intent was to create a diverse EP exploring various sonic areas of hip hop and trap music, sampling old and new music and adding his own sound and ideas. He learned many techniques throughout the semester to improve his technical music production skills, and gained knowledge for mixing and mastering techniques for overall song construction. Adam also endeavored to represent his personality and self-image with his music. He used his current moods and feelings and expressed them through his writing and editing.

Adam created a brand for himself as a producer under the alias CHEF, and subsequently established a Soundcloud and Instagram profile using the name. Trent Huss and Adam created a promotional video to hint the release of his EP which was released on Vimeo. Short clips were released prior to the release of his EP for effect and publicity. Adam also did photoshoots with classmate Gloria for profile pictures, headers and an album cover for his EP.