Time: ~5 minutes

Audience: Fellow Classmates, Propel Teachers

Purpose: Communicate progress and prove your project’s potential.

Note 1: We will cross reference your self assessed skill level (Student Info Sheet) and your POC presentation to help us guide you on designing your project.

Note 2: This will also demonstrate a micro example of documenting your learning process. At the end of the semester, you will give a presentation of the learning you’ve completed. Take pictures! Save drafts! Archive e-mails! Store files! You want to be able to show growth.


-Describe your POC and you initial project idea. (5 sentences or less – concision here will affect your Style score)

•Body: This section is a checklist for your Content Score. Tell us about…

-The work that you have done in the last few weeks

-where you are at currently

-what you have learned

-how your new knowledge has made you want to know more about _______

-Tell us precisely what’s next for your project (next week or two)


-Describe what your project will “look like” or “do” by the end of the semester.