PowerPoint Tips and Tricks


  • Memorize your script as much as possible

  • Use a script when necessary

  • Use Presenter View on a tablet

  • Ensure consistency between slides

  • Use PPT tools to align images and make them proper sizes

  • Use clean, sleek, organized, “minimalist” design

  • Make conscious choices about font

  • Correct images for proper projection

  • Remove backgrounds

  • Project images “full screen”

  • Make creative image choices

  • Test your technology before presenting

  • Embed videos

  • Artfully integrate sources

  • Use screenshots for effect

  • Format with purpose

Do Not

  • Use obnoxious transitions

  • Use themes

  • Use too much text on slides

  • Use default fonts just because they are the default

  • Use ClipArt

  • Use Stock Images

  • Use Low Resolution Images

  • Stretch Images