Adam S - #CreationsByAdam

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#CreationsbyAdam is a series that Adam created where each week he makes a new handmade clothing or art piece, and posts it on social media. The pieces range from fully cut and sewn outerwear pieces, to triptych paintings. With each creation, Adam challenged himself in a different area of his craft, whether it be the creative/story telling aspect, or the quality of the seams on a garment.

The purpose of Adams project this semester was to grow his personal portfolio by creating content in that mixes multiple different mediums, and shows his diverse skillset. On top of working on #CreationsbyAdam, he also produced 2 larger scale video projects in collaboration with colleague Trent. The first was a documentary style promotional video for #CreationsbyAdam which showed a behind the scenes look at his creative process. The second video was a choreography video that incorporated Adams passion for both fashion and dance.


A large focus for Adams project this semester was improving the quality of his cut and sew garment work. He spend a significant amount of time practicing different seams and learning new techniques for things like adding pockets, zippers, and linings to a garment. He also collaborated with a student from Ryerson university’s fashion program named Jerome to learn and improve on his pattern drafting skills, which drastically improved the fit of the pieces he was creating.



Creations by Adam Video:


ICON video: