Audrey - Virtual Choir

Audrey - Splash.png

Audrey's Propel project was the creation of a virtual choir entitled One Voice Manitoba. Inspired by composer Eric Whitacre's virtual choirs, her aim was to connect people in her community through the creation of music. Using Facebook, she asked people  to record themselves singing a song and send her their tracks. Audrey then combined all of the vocal tracks she received into a choir using the software Garage Band.  

The song chosen, Brian Tate's "Connected", is a celebration of how even though we may be different, we are still connected through the power of music. A fitting choice for her project, because although many of the singers have never met, their contribution to the project and appreciation of music brings them together.

Throughout the course of the semester, she has developed not only skill in recording, mixing, and mastering, but also skill in written communication and organization. She feels that her newfound experience in these areas will benefit her long after high school. 



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