Cass - Animation


Cass spent her time at Propel creating a one-minute animated film. The animation follows a teen girl through a hallway with five mirrors. The first mirror shows her a reflection of who she is in real life. The next three mirrors each show her drawn as a different art style to represent teen stereotypes. Finally, the last mirror reflects her original art style, but with something from each of the three mirrors added to represent growth.  She then leaves her hallway to reveal the hundreds of others are also leaving, showing that everyone goes through self-discovery together. 

Cass’s animation aimed to illuminate the unrealistic social standards teens have to face as they go through the different stages of self-discovery and personal growth. Her animation included three popular art styles and her own personal art style for the different mirrors and the “real character” animation. The final product is a short-animated film about loving yourself through all your phases.