Charlotte - Interview Project


“We’ve become a lot more individual. When there wasn’t social media, we’d either hear about things from our parents, grandparents, or we hear it on the news. Now we’re always on our phones, we read articles, and we form our own opinions. We’re not so quick to hear someone else’s opinion and be like, ‘yeah that’s what I need to think’. Everyone’s more individual and not going towards the more popular opinion” -Ariel Owens 

Charlotte’s book Generation Zeitgeist features interviews and photographs of youth. There are twelve different interviews focusing on different topics such as the environment, social media, and human rights.

Generation Zeitgeist was made to show the viewer what our younger generation is capable of achieving. In today’s world, there’s a lot of controversy surrounding youth and whether they are capable of assuming greater roles in our society. Generation Zeitgeist proves to the viewers that our younger generations have complex opinions on important topics that could be very beneficial to hear in order to improve the world we live in.