Colin - Dance Videos


Colin spent the semester creating dance videos which followed a specific theme, setting, and aesthetic. He used post-production techniques to add effects (more/less saturation, filters, etc.). Colin has been creating his own choreography and callaborated with others to film these concept videos throughout the semester. He has been posting them to his personal Instagram page @colindegagne, using this as a place where we can see his progress throughout the semester. 

He has also gathered a group of five dancers from his team, PRDG, to dance along with him in a video. Using a website called, he created the formations and transitions used in the videos. 

This project has helped Colin grow as a dancer, learning more about himself and the choreography he can create, along with style of his dancing. He also learned how to edit videos using iMovie, but quickly learned that Adobe Premier Pro is much more efficient and versatile in the sense that there are many more options that can make the videos much more interesting. These options include many more filters, special effects, editing audio, and more. 

Instagram: @ColinDeGagne