Dane - Artist Development


Dane's project in Propel was to release new music. This included the writing, recording, producing, mixing, mastering, and promoting of a song. Dane focused on all of the areas this semester through the release of two songs titled "Christmas Vacation" and "Key Kid."

He started with the creation of the music, which is basically writing poetry to music. Then the song goes to the production part of the process where the song is recorded and produced.  From there, it’s all about the work of mixing and mastering. That’s when the producer of the song spends hours upon hours listening to the song, making little tweaks that aren't usually heard by the average listener, but make the song sound great.

When Dane had the finished product he went to the promotion stage. He spent a lot of time photo and video editing towards the creation of social media banners, profile pictures and sneak peaks. Dane's goal this semester was to grow as an artist and share messages/stories he believes. He believes that he accomplished all that while finding his brand.

Media (Click to View):

Christmas Vacation Video 

Christmas Vacation on iTunes 

Christmas Vacation Global Interview





Snapchat: danebmusic