Daniel - Architecture


Daniel's Propel project addressed his desire to become an architect. Throughout his first semester in the program, Daniel made an effort to design and 2D/3D model the interior and exterior of a Victorian-era style house. He chose this specific style of architecture after consulting with Mr. Patrician on what his “Big Picture” Goals were, and Victorian architecture was one of them. Once Daniel had determined what his project really was, he then had to learn many new things about architecture - form, function, styles, 3D modelling, industry standards, design briefs…the list goes on.

Daniel started to design the house using graph paper, making sure that it had proper dimensions. However, when he started to use the online program Floorplanner.com, he noticed that the house had a lot of “dead space” and that rooms were not being used to the fullest extent. To fix this, Mr. Patrician had suggested reading the book 101 Things I learned in Architecture School. This is where Daniel started to gain some insight as to what certain design principles provide a room. An example of one of these tips would be to use "denial through reward to enrich passage the built environment." In the book, it states that this principle can "encourage the formulation of a rich experience as we move through buildings, towns, and cities."