Developing an Urban Green Space

Danika Picture.png

Danika's Propel project addressed a need in the Nelson McIntyre school community. After demonstrating a desire to pursue sustainable design and development, she was approached by NMC staff about the possibility of re-imagining one of the school's common spaces. As a result, Danika has created a detailed blueprint design to revamp Nelson McIntyre's courtyard into a shared green space in our urban setting. She has incorporated many design priorities, such as a having sitting area, installing modern bike racks to safely secure 16 bikes, and, most importantly, to ensure that the entire courtyard to be self-sustainable.  

Because Danika has focused on ensuring that the design is sustainable, she has had to research and revise her design so that it presented a positivist impact on the three key parts of sustainability. She has worked hard to make sure that her design is affordable, that it has a positive impact on the social fabric of the community, and that it has a positive impact on the environment.