Ethan - Music Production

Ethan produced an EP (Extended Playlist) which includes four original songs in the genre of rap/lo-fi hip-hop. He produced, mixed, mastered, and arranged all his songs on Garageband. Ethan also contacted other artists to feature on his songs. Ethan intended to make an EP with each song having its own story/theme. He wanted to make the listener change moods and emotions with the music he created.

In Propel, Ethan learned how to use the equipment provided in the recording studio such as the microphone, speakers, piano, and Garageband. In Garageband, Ethan gained knowledge on mixing and mastering. For example, Ethan learned the equalizer, automation, plug-ins, compression, and auto-tune. Ethan has created a stage name "sketchi" on Soundcloud.

Check out sketchi's music on Soundcloud: