Hannah - Art Therapy and Exhibition


Throughout her life, Hannah has been actively involved with the autism community, and has continued that pattern this semester. She curated and organized an art show called "Art, Emotion, and Autism," which was on display in the Forks Atrium in June of 2017. The show was comprised of pieces made by local artists with autism. Each piece focused on an emotion or specific experience, as well as how it affected the artist.

Some of the pieces were submitted by artists in the community, while others were created by Nelson McIntyre’s IPSA class. Hannah led lessons in emotion-themed art twice weekly, exploring nine different emotions with the class. During these lessons, she worked with each student independently, discussing how they have experienced the emotion of the day, and encouraging them to create using a variety of materials and techniques.

The skills she gathered from working with this group will contribute to Hannah’s long term goal of working in art therapy and specialized education.