Jayden - CNC Speaker Cabinets

Jayden - Splash.png

Jayden sketched, blueprinted, 3D modeled, prototyped, and built speaker cabinets for a pair of long forgotten speakers. Initially, he researched different ways sound reacts to wood types and shapes to improve resononce, as well as to create headroom and depth. He then blueprinted, 3D modeled and prototyped  two different speaker cabinets in Google Sketchup. To manufacture the pieces, he needed to use a CNC Router machine to cut out all the individual parts to build the two cabinets out of a cheaper material to cut back on costs. After the prototypes were complete, he tested both speaker cabinet designs for sound quality using a metric he developed. The final versions of his speaker cabinets were built using more durable materials and focused on the aesthetics of the speakers, ensuring that finishing details such as covering screws and applying a finish/stain to the outside improved the look of the cabinets.