Izzy - Indie Music Production

Izzy Screenshot.png

During Izzy's second semester in Propel, she decided to pursue a project in music. This project included tasks such as singing, playing instruments, recording and mixing tracks. The end goal was to create an original song. Having limited experience with the ukulele, she decided to begin by further familiarize herself with the instrument.

She then began work on Garageband by recording and mastering arrangements of cover songs, releasing two to her Soundcloud. The first one, "Down" by Dodie Clark, served as her proof of concept, and features harmonies and feels dreamily sad. The next one, "Radioactive," originally by Imagine Dragons, is more upbeat and stays loyal to the original melody while also adding some more complicated notes to make it her own. 

Afterwards, production on her first original song began. Izzy's original song deals with the fear one may feel while growing up with respect to the existential question "Will I do anything that lasts in this world?" It also talks about human connection in today's techno-centric age. 

Izzy also come together with another student, Cassy DeVriendt, to create a short song for Yoana's collaborative project. The song, "If I Lose You", speaks to technology addiction and unhealthy relationships, drawing connections between the two. The finished song is happy-sounding and airy, with surprisingly downcast lyrics that serve to defy expectations.


"Down" - https://soundcloud.com/slow-izboyle/down

"Radioactive" https://soundcloud.com/slow-izboyle/radioactive

"Original Song" - Soundcloud