Josh - Writing


Coming into Propel, Josh had the idea to write about his journey through mental illness. However, as as a novel was deemed to large an endeavour for semester, he decided to write a series of memoirs so he could share specific moments from his life. Over the course of the semester, Josh wrote a collection of memoirs with messages that go along with each piece he wrote. The topics of each piece are life in Australia, inspirations, his move from Australia to Canada, and his hobbies. The second part of his project was the incorporation of graphic images and sketches to bring his stories to life. He collaborated with Propel artists and artists in his network to accomplish this.

Josh received feedback from a writers guild, where he would attend once a week to go over his pieces. He had many drafts of his first piece as he wanted to make the first memoir perfect and impactful. This was his “mastercrafted” piece. All four memoirs will be put in a portfolio, and over the summer he will continue writing and begin to look into avenues for publishing.