Kaylen - Photography Instructions

Kaylen Photography.jpg

Kaylen has focused on her photography skill development. Her principle goal was to gain experience and better her photography skills.  These skills included lighting angles, camera angles, camera perspective, and studio work. After working primarily with portraits, she was able to better understand her purpose for each photo. Kaylen challenged herself with a "30-day photography challenge" to improve her skill with an eclectic variety of techniques. All of her pieces were added to her website and social media pages titled “KA Photography”.

To promote her photos, Kaylen has created a photography book with each page being a different style of photography. She has provided an instructional guide to explain how she took the photos and demonstrates what she has learned throughout the course of the semester. 

Website: https://kaylenarnal.wixsite.com/kaphotography

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/k.a_photography_