Lena - Set Design & Digital Art

Lena 2.jpg

While in Propel, Lena went in two different directions exploring two projects. First, Lena worked on set designs for Glenlawn’s musical production of Hairspray. She had meetings with the director, communicating ideas which were then put together as rough sketches of visual representation and a small cardboard 3D model to determine the placing of each piece.

For her second project, Lena was digitizing six of her existing sketches on programs like Illustrator and Photoshop. In each piece, she was working towards achieving a modern and minimalistic look. When finished, pieces will be printed and posted on her Instagram @lenactc14_. The finished pieces will be showcased in an art exhibition during the final presentation nights, which will include the six printouts of her digital art and five pieces created outside of Propel.

If you want to continue to follow Lena on her creative journey, come to see the Musical production of Hairspray on March 12th-15th, 2019 at Glenlawn Collegiate at 7:30 pm, and check out her Instagram page.

Instagram: @lenactc14_