Lux - Commissioned Artwork


As her project in Propel, Lux chose to create commissioned artwork for her peers and friends online. Lux wanted her project to be a new stepping stone in her artistic journey and hopes to continue doing commissions long after her time is over here at Propel. Her project requires lots of communication, sketching out concepts, and time management.

Throughout all of the semester, Lux spent her time drawing in her sketchbook and teaching herself new skills. After spending time drawing requests for friends and posting art online, she used her social media accounts to advertise her commissions. She began looking for clients who filled her requirements and worked with them to create the piece of art that they envisioned. Lux uses her time in class to sketch the concepts for her commissions and then takes those concepts and turns them into detailed pieces by using the art program FireAlpaca on her laptop. 

Lux plans to have four to five pieces of art completed by the end of her Propel class and will have posted all the finished pieces online (with client’s permission). Through her project, Lux hopes to have picked up new techniques and have changes in her art style, along with starting herself down the path to selling her art to those who are interested.

Instagram: @liimonpriince