Maia - Short Story Writing

Maia - Splash.png

For her second semester in Propel, Maia decided she was going to further her skillset in writing, one of her greatest passions in life. Her project consists of an exploration in short story writing through three different genres - realistic/modern fiction, fantasy fiction, and science fiction. These three genres would offer the opportunity to use different writing styles, descriptions, and world-building tactics, all while giving leeway to develop a consistent and unique voice. 

Maia establishied consistent feedback loops with various peers, teachers, and a writing mentor, Robyn Mahara, a local Winnipeg author. Soliciting feedback was one of the most important parts of Maia's project, as she has always had difficulty accepting feedback without it affecting the way she views herself as well as the things she creates. This was an area of significant growth throughout her project, and she now feels much more confident after two months of work. This part of her project was also critical in advancing her existing skills and  developing what she feels will be beneficial tools in a potential career path involving writing.



Download links for the stories coming soon.