Matt - Demo Reel 

Matt - Splash.png

While in Propel, Matt recorded a "demo reel" showcasing his playing abilities and posted it YouTube. Demo reels are used by session guitar players as a form of a resume to help them land gigs performing with bands or recording in the studio. His demo reel was designed to help him secure gigs in the future.    

Matt's demo reel consisted of four cover songs chosen to highlight three of his strengths as a guitar player. His chosen songs allowed him to showcase his ability to play different genres (soulful blues, rock, etc.), and improvise solos. Matt also demonstrated his talent for using his ear to identify and precisely emulate tones found on professional recordings. To do this, Matt employed an industry standard recording technique called re-amping that allows a guitar player incredibly flexibility to experiment with tones and effects, without having to record a new track every time.