Maya - Magazine


Maya created the online music magazine High Note to act as a writing portfolio and to learn more about journalism, all while speaking about her passion. Throughout the semester, Maya crafted song, album, and concert reviews, conducted artist interviews, and wrote about other music-related topics. In addition to her writing, she also designed a website using Site123 and made social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote the magazine.

The feature piece in Maya’s magazine was an article interviewing four people from different generations about the impact and legacy of Rock ‘N Roll music. The feature piece will be developed in Adobe InDesign for printing and then handed out during the Propel program’s final presentation nights. Maya will then be submitting the article to other journalism platforms for a chance to be published.

Maya wasn’t sure what she wanted her project to be upon arriving at Propel, but she believes she made a good choice. You can check out Maya’s website and her social media platforms by clicking the links below.