Morgan - Fundraising


Morgan’s Propel project was to host fundraisers and donate the profits to Manitoba Underdogs Rescue, a non-profit organization that finds homes for Manitoba’s unwanted animals. The main goal of her project was to care for those who can’t take care of themselves.

After finding a mentor - the event coordinator for Manitoba Underdogs - Morgan chose to host two different types of fundraisers. The first was a Bake Sale for over 5 days at both Nelson McIntyre Collegiate and J.H Bruns Colligate (her homeschool). She used this as a practice for her main idea for a fundraiser, which was her “Doggy Photo Booth”. This fundraiser was a “pay what you want” endeavour wherein she went to high-traffic dog areas and hosted photoshoots for dogs at Maple Grove Dog Park, Kilcona Dog Park, Kings Park Dog Park, and Charleswood Dog Park. Through the semester, Morgan improved her business communication, time management, and critical thinking skills.

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Instagram: @pennies_for_pups