Natan - Clothing Brand


Unkwn clthng is a clothing brand created by Natan Ruman in 2017 but remained just a concept until his Propel project where he was able to spread his wings and began designing sweaters. Natan started by creating a hand made sweater to learn about the different aspects about a piece, such as sizing, fit, and look. Natan focused on establishing a message for the brand and the first collection. 

Natan built a website to showcase and sell his clothing. He went through many different designs and website builders in order to figure out which one would best suit his brand message and theme. The unkwn clthng Instagram account was created to promote his designs and creative endeavours, posting weekly updates and other content related to the brand in order to engage fans so interest wouldn’t wane between releases. 

“Welcome to Eternity” is a 3 piece clothing collection showcasing problems Natan saw in society relating to mortality and the way people live their lives. His second hoodie in the collection, titled “Immortality,” touches on the topic of living your life the way you want and not adhering to what you think might be the “safest” route. 

Instagram: @unkwnclthng