Jenaya - Novel

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Jenaya’s project was all about writing a book and the mechanics before you can start to write and after you are done writing. Once Jenaya got to propel she knew what she had been wanting to do. She had written before but starting high school and sports and a job got in the way of that. Propel has given Jenaya the chance to get back into writing. She learnt that there is more to writing a story than just writing the story. The author has to figure out what the book will be about, which involves a plot line then a plan of characters so who they are and what their role is. Throughout Propel Jenaya worked on plot lines, time lines, character development, styles of writing, grammar, verbs, punctuation, choice of words and describing the characters and the scene. Propel has taught her many things like speaking in front of a crowd, teamwork and along many others, following your passions.