Paige - Digital Art


Paige came into Propel wanting to create digital art commissions for her peers and friends online. The main styles she uses are semi-realism and a cartoon (anime) style. Paige wanted this project to improve her art skills, and to promote her artwork online. She will also continue doing art commission long after her time in Propel. Paige’s project requires her to step outside of her comfort zone a lot. This includes communicating with others, trying different colouring techniques, and time management.

Throughout the semester, Paige brainstormed ideas for clients and taught herself new skills. To promote her artwork and commissions, Paige created a social media page on Instagram. She searched for clients, whether they were friends, peers or someone from Instagram. Each individual art piece has a different feature she has never drawn before (such as full body drawings, recreating realistic photos, adding perspective, having texture, etc.). Paige takes her time researching, drafting and sketching her commissions on her art program Medibang on her laptop.

Paige plans to have five or six commissions completed and posted to her art account by the end of the semester. By the end of the Propel year, Paige hopes to have developed new art skills and reinvent her art style, as well as be able to continue these commission by selling them to those who are interested.

Instagram: @skitty_art