Sage - Architecture


During Sage’s semester in Propel, her goal was to learn about architecture to see if that was what she really did want to pursue after high school. Throughout the semester, she has designed her “dream home.” Sage started by coming up with a design challenge, which was to stay within a budget of $800,000. She then found a lot within the city of Winnipeg that was in her budget and was surrounded by houses similar to the one she was dreaming of. Once she chose a lot she came up with her limitation which was not making her house bigger than 2306 square feet (The same square footage as what is currently on that lot).

Throughout Sage's journey in Propel, she has come in contact with an architect from number TEN architectural group to solicit feedback on her design. Sage’s project is a 2-storey, modern style home that is meant to accommodate a family. Sage has created her floorplan designs on a program called, and 3D modelled the highlights of her house in Google Sketchup.