Scott - Water Treatment


Scott has spent his semester at Propel working on a research project. The project addresses poor water quality on First Nations reserves across Canada. He used his own story to showcase this. Testing water from his home in Peguis, MB, Scott explored 4 types of treatment options. He has created a PowerPoint table with how the treatment options work, the prices, maintenance costs, along with pros and cons. The PowerPoint also includes the above-level contaminants in Scott's water. These are addressed according to their characteristics and health concerns, and offer the reader an understanding of why treatment is needed.

Scott has written a technical proposal to his chief and council. This proposal expresses his opportunity in Propel and the work he has accomplished. It provides examples of why clean water is needed in his home. It includes all treatment options explored with prices and a list of sources. The appendices incorporate a more in-depth analysis of the treatment options. The PPT also includes Scott’s opinion on the best option for his house based on his research. The main idea for his technical proposal is a request for subsidies towards the costs such as implementation, labour, shipping, acquisition costs, possible annual maintenance, and support with any future repairs.