Staycee - Architecture

Staycee Splash.png

Over the course of her second semester in Propel, Staycee has tried her hand at the four main fields of architecture: urban planning, exterior design, interior design, and landscaping. She chose this project to [plan] her career in architecture. Staycee designed six sun-efficient suburban properties, all completely different- right down to the house dimensions and driveway designs. She designed an apartment complex with a window encasing a grand spiral staircase to promote healthy living. Staycee took inspiration from Tron and The Jetsons to design the Apple Store in the year 2070. Her final project was designing a garden from the early twentieth century.   

Staycee continued her path in architecture from last year, picking up where she left off by utilizing her Google SketchUp (a 3D modelling program) expertise. She implemented design principles she learned last year like the golden ratio and "denial and reward". The golden ratio is a measurement tool she implemented to have the spaces between objects close enough to carry a theme but far enough to distinguish separate components. “Denial and reward” is a design principle wherein the designer takes light way for an amount of time to have a grand reveal of light and colour to enrich the viewer’s experience.   

Staycee consulted with mentors from Republic Architecture, Number TEN, and A.D. Design to improve her renderings. Her mentors advised her to be wary of eye movement and where she could tie in influences from different architectural eras. In working with these mentors, Staycee received insight into the life of an architect and interior designer.