Cody - Magazine & App Development


Throughout two semesters in Propel, Cody has been able to build an online kiteboarding magazine with an international audience, work as a director of photography and editor on a short film he co-wrote with a class mate, and start the journey of developing a new social networking app. 

The magazine was Cody's project the first time around in Propel and using his vast connections within the kiteboarding industry from being a sponsored athlete, he was able to get in touch with some of the biggest names in the sport including a handful of world champions. Cody now has an audience of over ten thousand people spread across five continents and releases two issues a year. You visit the magazines website at

The second time around Cody co-wrote a comedic short film about a man who is determined to become a professional thief but due to his terrible luck, has a hard time doing so. Cody was the director of photography as well as the editor on the project. 

Near the end of Cody's second semester he also came up with an idea for a social network app named Loca that allows you to discover and connect with the people and the places around. He is currently in the process of raising his first round of funding and is in Stage 2 of 4 in getting to pitch the top angel investor group in the country, VA Angels.


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Vision Kiteboarding Magazine- Issue III