Trent - Video Portfolio


Trenten Huss focused on increasing his amateur videography and filmmaking skills in the transition to professional paid work. These skills included: lighting a scene, camera angles, camera perspective, smooth cinematography, and clean audio, to name a few. All of his pieces were added to an expanding work portfolio on an established website. He further plans to host a domain name once he has garnered enough professional work pieces for the website, so that he can begin using the platform for legitimate commercial usage.

Alongside increasing the quality of his craft, Trent also worked on the business aspects of videography and filmmaking. He communicated and networked with multiple business clients in real-world situations to create promotional content. These communication methods included emailing, phone conferences, conferences, and meetings.

His plans are to continue this work in videography and filmmaking past Propel, with the intent to start freelance work and eventually join a production company.