Trenten - Videography Portfolio

trenten huss.png

After gaining film experience in his first semester of Propel, Trenten decided to transition from traditional filmmaking projects toward commercial videography. He has collaborated with multiple classmates to create a variety of videos such as branding/promotional videos, artistic/abstract videos, music videos, and more. He was also commissioned by real-world clients to create commercials for companies. These videos were created for the sake of expanding his videography portfolio, and in turn expanding his network of clients. 

Trenten constructed a new website to host the videos on, for further ease of clients finding him. Along with building a website, Trenten has also continued to develop his social media skills on platforms such as Instagram, for more promotion of his brand and services to a larger audience.


"The Importance of Curiosity"

"The Blank Tape"

Aikam Logistics Inc. Commercial