2017-2018 Semester Two

Art (Visual)

Spoken Word YouTube Channel
ilming spoken word performances to expand reach and grow audience.

Social Commentary Webcomic
riting and illustrating a comic that asks us to examine our metrics for intelligence.

Art Exploration & Portfolio Building
wo-week study blocks in different mediums and the creation of accompanying artist statements.

YouTube Vlog Channel
A "day in the life" YouTube channel that follows student Andrew as he navigates the world of competitive swimming.



Art (Audio)

OneVoice Manitoba
A "digital choir" built from online submissions which brings together strangers through the power of music.

Songwriting & Indie Production
Writing, recording, and producing original music.

Guitar Recording & Portfolio
xploring professional guitar recording techniques while building a "demo reel" to play for clients to find more music work.




Children's Book (Writing and Illustration)
A children's book with original story and illustrations
 which addresses mental health issues and the importance of communication.

Fantasy Writing
A collection of short stories which all take place in the same fictional fantasy world.

Short Story Writing Exploration
An exploration into different writing styles, from fantasy, to sci-fi, to memoir and realistic fiction.



Business & Design

Not-for-Profit Business Shadowing & Mentorship
hadowing a career exploration coordinator from Manitoba Federation of Non-Profit Organizations.

Indie Video Game
Development of a video game with a "16 bit" aesthetic.

Sound Engineering and Speaker Cabinet Production
An investigation into acoustic properties and the re-purposing/re-engineering of old speaker components to improve performance.